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Department of Thin Films Physics, Institute of Magnetism

Successful Projects

Basic science:
2003-2005 - Development of fundamentals for creation of magnetic superlattices in heterogeneous films.
2000-2002 - Spin-dependent conductivity and tunneling effects in layered metallic magnetics.
1995-1999 - Transport, magnetic and galvano-magnetic properties of heterogeneous nanostructures.

Applied science:
2003-2004 - Development of high-precision measurement device for control of film thickness in the process of deposition.
2003 - Development of the technology basics for fabrication of nanocrystalline materials with controlled properties.
1998-2002 - Development of equipment for synthesis of multilayered films with controlled composition and structure.
1999 - Development of pilot technology for fabrication of radiation-resistant magnetosensitive elements.

1997-2000 - Experimental and theoretical investigation of both invar and resistive effects in chromium-based alloys.

2004-2007 - STCU Project #3178 “Multilayered ferroelectric - magnetic nanostructures as a basis for novel functional elements of electronic devices".
2005-2007 - STCU Project #3144 "Development of magnetoelastic shape memory material for a new class of acoustic transformers".
2000-2003 - STCU Project #1086 “Synthesis and electrophysical properties of the hetero-substituted perovskites with extraordinary high variation of electric resistance and sensitive elements on their base”.
1997-1999 - STCU Project #391 "Development and construction of the long-term recording and data processing facilities on the basis of novel ferrite materials".
1996-1998 - STCU Project #300 “Development and production of the brand-new type of sensors based on the magnetoresistance effect”.

2000-2001 - CRDF Project UP2-2117 “Theoretical and experimental investigation of the influence of interface roughness and electronic structure on giant magnetoresistance and spin-dependent tunneling in magnetic multilayers and sandwiches”.
1997-1999 - CRDF Project UP1-370 “Theoretical and experimental investigation of colossal magnetoresistance in Mn-containing compounds”.

Russian-Ukrainian Intergovernmental Program "Nanophysics and Nanoelectronics"

2002-2006 - Project "Physics of magnetic nanostructures with giant magnetoresistive effect".

Joint Projects with Private Companies

2000-2003 - "Improvement of thermal stability of low-value resistors fabricated from the chromium-based deposition targets", Joint project with Resource-Resistors Ltd. (Bogoroditsk, Russia).